HTML5 Video with JavaScripted synchronised captions: demo

If your browser has JavaScript enabled, synchronised captions will appear on the Video. Otherwise, a plaintext transcript with time markers will display below it. You need a browser that can display video using the open Ogg Theora codec. For Windows and Linux users, may we suggest you try Opera 10.50 or later?

This demonstration supplements the Accessible HTML5 Video with JavaScripted captions article on Dev.Opera.

Browser notes

Note that in Firefox 3.6 and earlier, disabling JavaScript also disables native video controls. Right-click in the video to bring up context menu.

In Safari, the video isn't displayed because it only supports H264-encoded videos. Internet Explorer has no support for the video element.

How to leverage a synergy

There's lot of media worry at the moment about Synergies, and whether they are dangerous to health. Although statistics suggest there is no increased risk from exposure to synergies, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The most effective way to make a synergy safe is to leverage it. In this one minute Video-edu-tainment™, famous TV smarty-pants and International Cleverer-than-you Person, Dr Archimedes Einstein shows you how.


Hi, my name's Dr Archimedes Einstein and I'm a Doctor of Science at the University of Science in a very famous town that you're too stupid to have heard of. Anyway, today we're going to talk about "synergies". A lot of people are worried about synergies, but I can tell you that statistics show there is no danger of increased cancer risk from synergies. However, it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm going to demonstrate how you how we can leverage a synergy.

First of all, I've got this banana This banana represents "Web 2.0" and look, I've written on it some "user-generated content" just to prove the point [LOL, WTF, You suck] I take my "Web 2.0" and I put it in an envelope marked "paradigm shift". OK. Very important, I put the envelope down and With a bit of "blue sky thinking" I "push the envelope" Then, I take my leverage mallet, and URGH! RGRRRRRARGRGGH!! EURGGGARRRRGGGRRGARGGAHAARRAGGHGRRAGAHAARGH!!!! ...and there we can see a synergy, leveraged.